Designer Heather Aquilina with her paintings

P A I N T I N G   &   P H O T O G R A P H Y

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Hi. I’m Heather, entrepreneur, seeker, colouring in specialist, designer.

This site is me giving my arty side a go after ignoring it while I did “more sensible” things. I’ve been an engineer, technical writer, marketing manager and management consultant. In the background I’ve been studying art and personal development. I’ve said for years that I don’t want to die with “she wrote great reports” as an epitaph. Now I’m finally making the change.

So, here you will find me working out the new me. You’ll find my art. And you’ll find my writing about my life, my thoughts, things I’ve learnt about getting unstuck, and how I’m putting these into practice as I work towards making my dreams a reality. If you like down-to-earth stories and facts about aligning yourself with your dreams, as well as art designed to brighten your life and your heart, you may well enjoy it here.

I’m working towards adding something new once a week but it might take me a while to get there.

Photo of designer Heather Aquilina in front of a limestone wall

Come for the ride!

I’d love you to come along with me on my journey: read, comment, drop me a line if you can relate. I’m hoping to find more about myself and find friends along the way.


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Artist Heather Aquilina in her art studio

Why the mix: art, coaching, blog?

It’s been a long, long journey from engineer to designer and it’s made me passionate about helping people follow their dreams…