Hi! I’m Heather

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m excited to share my art and my thoughts. You can find those on the appropriate pages. On this page I’ll tell you a bit about how this got to be here.

When I was young I was always messing around with colouring pencils. I liked to stretch the things I drew and colour them weirdly. Noone took my strange scratchings seriously and I was encouraged to choose a profession.

Being sensible I did so: working as engineer, technical writer, marketing manager, management consultant, and business owner. And adding to these the roles of wife and mother.

The art wouldn’t die, however, and in my “spare time” I studied design. I took photos and painted. And got myself a website. All the time pretending it was just a hobby.

Then, this year, with the help of a little coaching (more about this later), my creative side had enough and pushed me to do a *little* reevaluation.

So that’s where I’m at: This is my year of doing what I want: taking my art and writing seriously and seeing where they take me. It’s already been a weird, unsettling and exciting journey as I realign my self image to acknowledge my creativity over the years.

This site brings together three essential aspects of me: my art, my passion for personal development and my writing.

Photo of Heather Aquilina in a pink shirt

My Art

“My art mimics the exaggeration that occurs at that instant when something in the busy world catches my attention. In that moment, colours brighten, shapes simplify, and patterns shimmer into formation, holding me still until my heart lifts.”

Basically, I still like to colour things, stretch them and twist them. I like curves. I like to capture light. I like to home in on details.

And I love to show off my art and hope that it cheers up your day a little.

My coaching

I’ve always worked on improving myself, reading countless books and doing a myriad workshops and courses. They’ve all helped in different ways but I’ve never felt aligned to my work. Then two years ago I completed an amazing coaching course. Science based and showing how to express yourself authentically, this course and the knowledge and techniques it taught me bridges my left and right brain interests, and has finally got me on track.

It’s given me the tools to get unstuck and move forward to my dreams and show others the way as well.

My writing

I love to write. When I was young it was poetry. Then it got lost in marketing, technical manuals, government reports. Yikes… From now on it will be what I want and hopefully things you are interested in. Things I’ve learnt from books and courses that have been interesting and helpful. Down-to-earth stories to inspire you: I’ll be working me out as I go along.

You’ll find this in my blog. I’m hoping to get comments and feedback so I know what you find interesting and so I can meet new and wonderful people along the way.


That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy my site. If you’d like to be told when there’s something new, sign up to be on my list. Or just drop by.

heather 🙂